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I made a Comment in: "I Am Agnostic" Group, Story by: Kittychanel "Back To The Drawing Board" 12/09/2012.

It Appears my Comment was Ignored: So I am going to Save it here:

"I'm Agnostic most of my Life as well. What keeps me from being 100% Atheist, is why and what makes all this Universe's unconscious matter that the Universe (Is) exist? What makes it more Superior to our ephemeral existence? The only thing I see about a matter Universe is this is material for handling our Conscience Existence. As the Universe began Conscience Life, it is laid out ahead of (Us) and we are the fore children of an on going and unfolding Universe. I think between anything Spiritual in different plains and dimensions of a spiraling out Universe, having Galaxies, we have Guardian Life looking after our Galaxy and Solar System ... (Is why I think we are being looked after by Intelligent Extraterrestrial Aliens much more, and that they fooled ancient man to thinking they were our "Gods" and made up Religions to manipulate other humans to follow their culture. And we have lost the Science to go beyond that. Our lives are not by man made religions, but how honest we make our own hearts out to be with this Universe. What matters is how much we appreciate the Universe."

Make Me Happy?  Is others letting me know what in the world is going on!

Tired of being in the Dark!

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