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I Can Not Do Everything And I Find Women Snobbish All Over This World Now

When I grew up as a kid, girls and women where not so "Snobbish". These days that is all I see in them. Stuck Up in their own ways. Basically because a lot of perversion is a "Stereotype" and there can not be the means to decern unique and minor differences from the popular majority of things in this world. I would have liked to respect them, but now? They get on my nerves. With a Stereotying Bias! This world conditions in everyone.

And I can not keep up with this world's demands on "Life" I can only do small and little things. I can only do a few things out a lot of things. I find if I do one task about a dozen others are neglected. Or vise a versa. This world demands us to do too much.

I find that this universe does not have a real "Loving God or Divine". With this much "Evil" in this world. Something isn't "Right"!  There is so much "Ignorance" in the World and Sports and Entertainments is what creates this delusion. What keeps "Ignornace at Igorance"

I hate "Sports" and "Entertainment" because you can't know what is "Intelectual" by this. What is really "Good" in the Universe and is full of "Hypocrisy"

Copy Of: Even The Problem Of Atheism The Universe Is Cynical Insane And Sinister ...

Even The Problem Of Atheism The Universe Is Cynical Insane And Sinister ...

Seems there is a Problem with my Group not showing here to Others. I have seen it still at:  Views: 1

Most Stories of mine gets a:  2 (minimum)  ... after  20 minutes.

Don't Understand it?  It's Now been 6 Hours Posting this and still at: Views:  1 ( ? )

It's in my Group:  "I Didn't Make This Earth So Messed Up"
EP Link

(Another Glitch on EP?)

Yeap?! I'm also having trouble thinking of and about a meaningless Universe, like Empty Space and Filling the Void with this big Firecracker of Mater and Particles and then their is in it this Great Craving to Manifest Organisms that give (Us) Consciousnesses. But? Cynical, Insane and Sinister that we go through the stages of this living Organism for a very short time?

Sometimes, I get the Intuition that ... This Universe isn't the Only Void and Dimension that we only are perceiving, because we only perceive by what our Organism allows us to Know. "Solipsism". If we don't have a Sense Organ for something. Then we will not comprehend anything. And the Judgments many make is due to this ... "Ignorance" I can "See" (Everyone can "See"), not unless someone isn't having their "Eyes" in working order or even have "Eyes"

But the World only Judges by each of (Us), by expecting it is distributed to everyone. And this is with multi bio-genetics that is going on as endless combinations ...

It's like the Universe is trying out every combination, but (We) Human's ...
Don't see this Picture, but expecting everyone to fit a "Cookie Cutter" and to fit the "Mold".  This Evil gets into the minds of the "Ego" and seems to want Discrimination for something that doesn't fit a "Mold".

Earth as I see it: ..  Is: Being: Cynical, Insane and Sinister.

And without a Divine? Yeah? Then? Of Course? It's like we are in a Helpless out of Control Cynical, Insane and Sinister Meaningless Universe.

Very disturbing to (Me).  But? What can we only Know by our "Limitations"?
My health: slightly well

Copy Answer To What Country Would I Want To Visit

My Answers go out there in Vain ...

Here it is again:

"I have already seen the Philippines and been there. I actually wish to see the cooler Asian Countries like: Taiwan and Northern China, with those that like the Rainforest and Colder Climate Weather. I pasted through Hong Kong in my Life, but never go much more from the place. If it was Cool Climate in Bolivia and Peru, I would love to see the Ancient Alien Sites in these places. The evidence is in these places."


Copy Answer Do Guys Hate Shy Girls? My Efforts Are In Vain

Here is my Answer to: "Do Guys Hate Shy Girls?"

My Copy of the Answer:

"I have usually been attracted to most of their shyness, except to the point they are unwilling to reciprocate and start showing me an interest. Then I can't find my interest back in return. I do want some lead in girls were they will show their interest and understanding about what I like and want to help make things work, move and go foreword. That has to help me, or things just do no go nowhere with me. Every Guy maybe different, so I wouldn't make it stereotypical. I am not like other guys. I'm a Shy Guy and that is why I need a girl to help me a bit."

Tired of trying and things go on here in Vain.


Copy Of My Answer To Are You In The Wrong Gender? No Response

I made my Answer to the Question:  "Are You In The Wrong Gender?"

I got No Response to it.  So I Am Going to Save My Answer Here:

"Our Biology usually determines what we feel comfortable with. I'm a heterosexual male very very very much attracted to the Opposite Sex. I love this Attraction to the Opposite Sex so much, that I only like it more when women love women this way. And that they know what this Attraction (Is). I just find Male Chauvinism trying to be Macho, Superior, Arrogant, Too Confident, Competing, Tough and Stereotyping Not At All To My Likes. I like being Male, but still I'm Passive, Honest, Nice, An Introvert and Meek (And the stupid ideas that this Big World likes to call a lot of us other guys ... being a wussy. I do get angry and mean if it gets annoying to me.) about myself. Not all this Big Tough Stuff expected by being Male. I like Humor 20%. I'm not into more than that. I just can't go more than that, or else I feel like a fool."

Sometimes if feels like my efforts are giving me a Pain In The A. @ss!

When I do things and they just float out into Empty Space not noticed!

Eeeerrrrr! Anyone going to Take Notice Now?

My mood: very Headache Bewildered
My health: slightly well

Being Agnostic Copy Of My Comment 12.09.2012 Back To The Drawing Board

I made a Comment in: "I Am Agnostic" Group, Story by: Kittychanel "Back To The Drawing Board" 12/09/2012.

It Appears my Comment was Ignored: So I am going to Save it here:

"I'm Agnostic most of my Life as well. What keeps me from being 100% Atheist, is why and what makes all this Universe's unconscious matter that the Universe (Is) exist? What makes it more Superior to our ephemeral existence? The only thing I see about a matter Universe is this is material for handling our Conscience Existence. As the Universe began Conscience Life, it is laid out ahead of (Us) and we are the fore children of an on going and unfolding Universe. I think between anything Spiritual in different plains and dimensions of a spiraling out Universe, having Galaxies, we have Guardian Life looking after our Galaxy and Solar System ... (Is why I think we are being looked after by Intelligent Extraterrestrial Aliens much more, and that they fooled ancient man to thinking they were our "Gods" and made up Religions to manipulate other humans to follow their culture. And we have lost the Science to go beyond that. Our lives are not by man made religions, but how honest we make our own hearts out to be with this Universe. What matters is how much we appreciate the Universe."

Make Me Happy?  Is others letting me know what in the world is going on!

Tired of being in the Dark!

Aberdeen, Washington this time of Year doesn't have a Kent, Washington Map I Can Have

When I went to Gas Up at ARCO am / pm very early this November Thursday 6, 2012 morning. I asked if they had a Kent, Washington Map. They didn't have any.

Later in the Day: Just curious to see if they got any New Maps in supply back at Walmart. No! No New Maps for Kent, Washington at Walmart.

Later in the Day:  I checked Staples out. No Maps with them. Then this Grocery Store called Tops. No Maps with them. Then I checked out this RITE AID. They told me they don't or ever had sold Maps for 2 years now. Then I checked with SAFEWAY Grocery Store. No Maps.  Then I checked One More Place.  A DENNIS COMPANY that is like the Old ACE HARDWARE Store there Used to be. They didn't have any Maps. I don't know anywhere else to go in my Town for this Map. Guess I have to make an Internet Order for it. Which I'm waiting to be in the right situation to do soon. Or the Next Day. I'm too tired for things right now.

How Insane!

Edited Next Day To Add:

I went on line to Amazon. Just to try it there first.  They had 2 available. Amazing! I got the Order and will have it in the mail by Next Week.

My mood: very groggy sleepy No Energy
My health: slightly well

My Votes Went Out End Of October 31 By Mail And There Are Some Others I'm Hoping For

My Votes went out in the Mail at the End of October 31, 2012.  Yet in the last 4 to 5 days now lately for the Election Day. I never heard of the Mail In Votes, but my Vote has already been made while all this Hoopla for others to Vote just keeps going on.

It made me wonder, if my Ballot of Votes will be counted? And Not lost in the mail or that the mail would over look Election Votes, late putting it off for weeks after (?).

Washington State is my Concern also.

I want: President Obama for another Term as President
I want:  Maria Cantwell for United States Senator
I want:  Jay Inslee  for Washington's Governor

If Republicans have any win, I will be more than Paranoid for this Earth's Future and for my Life.

I may end up being really and very paranoid a lot and will never be my best for this Earth's Future, but Annoyed with this Planet of People.

And when the trouble Hits!  I will be saying ... Well? Folks?  Why does it take this much trouble to wake up to things?

I may not have as much sympathy when the trouble comes and hits home.

And any Republican that messes my Life up for the Future, I will not honor this Divine God for this menace I am seeing!

A Loving God should had done better than this! My mood: very nervous
My health: slightly well

Evil Is Real And I Saw It On September Wed 26, 2012

Evil is Real and I Saw it on September Wednesday 26, 2012.

On September Tuesday 25 I was too tired and sleeping for me to be up and ready to pick up my Federal Express Delivery at my Apartment.

Also have not found cooperative times to shop and do my laundry.

When I thought about getting a wash done on September Wednesday 26, 2012 at 10:30 AM.  The 3 Washers / 2 in Use and the other Out Of Order.  Lately when I type now, my typing of characters is coming on my script page in reverse. Things have been forcefully making me Dyslexia now.

September Wednesday 26 the 2nd Delivery Day. I was going to be ready for it.  I was waiting at the Entry way at 12:30 PM, at 1:00 PM at 1:30 PM then from 1:50 PM to 2:45 PM.  As I waited at the Apartment Entryway at 2:00 PM. Was there for the UPS Delivery. Which was the wrong Carrier for my Package. In the meantime I noticed how slow the Elevator was running and then the UPS Carrier had the Elevator Stop Working when he used it.

After he left others at the Apartment came around noticing the Elevators where not working and someone got the Maintenance to come out.  But they said kids hit all the buttons on the Elevator.  I told the others Kids did not and it happen when the UPS Man tried using the Elevator. That the Elevator was acting slow before hand also.

But No. The others insisted it was kids pushing all the buttons. Of course the maintenance came and reset the circuit breaker for the Elevator and got it working again.

When 2:45 PM came and I was still waiting for Federal Express to show up. I then see some Tag on the Entry Door that I didn't notice earlier. It was a notice that the Delivery came and missed me again.

It Shocked the Hell out of me and Pissed Me Off!  All this Vigilance to Pick Up My Package and I still Missed It.

And all this other shit that Acted so unusual.  I do believe in a Evil Force is going on and it is Real! 
My mood: extremely doomed
My health: slightly well

Makes Sense Now We Are Slaves To Some ETs

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A Blog? Isn't about (Us? As Who We Are? Personal Stuff?)

If so then I have somethings I like to try out as my Personal Stuff. Like: Our State of Vitals Are:

Lately I have been getting this extreme tiredness and having to sleep more than usual and then as I was trying to wake up this morning. I wanted to know about my: State of Vitals. And what better way it would be to find our means of trying to be at our best and health. Is to try to follow some Monitoring and Tracking about it as Monitoring and Tracking of them.

I have been battling High Blood Pressure quite a bit lately in the last 15 or so years of my life. And my Medical History is trying to deal with it. I take medication for my High Blood Pressure. Like always getting into the 150 /100 to 180 / 115 Range. The idea range is:  125 / 80. I'm now 57 years old and my Height is: 5' 9". My Weight since January and February, I was: 200 lbs. I wanted to be where I used to be about 6 to 20 years ago at 170 lbs. Then by March to August I finally got my Weight down to:  197 lbs to 183 lbs. My Weight this Morning is:  181 lbs. Slowly but surely it is finally going down some.

I only took one of my Blood Pressure Medications yesterday. And Usually I Wake Up on Caffeine to get myself functional and Awake in order to perform myself. Or else I am a Zambe. (Just Alive Dead).

MY VITALS FOR 2012 SEPTEMBER SUNDAY-16: (I'm Living at Pacific Time Zone)

I fell asleep 2012 SEPTEMBER SATURDAY-15 @ (Around?) 23:00 PM.

I Awaken this: SUNDAY-16 Morning @ (Around?) 06:40 AM.

MY BODY HEALTH:  As for Being Good: 60% - 70%  / As for Being Bad:  40% - 30%

@ 06:40 AM (My Time PST): Being Tired & Sleepy (Not Awake):  Was Asleep at 100% to Awaken 97%

@ 06:45 AM  Took me a Caffeine Tablet (Not Coffee) To try to wake up on.

Ly-ed down to wait to get from  3% Awake to more Awake ...

@ 07:10 AM  Awake @  20%  / Tired & Sleepy:  80%

Decided to take a Hot Bath Soak and Meditate for my Awakening ...

@ 07:15 AM Another Caffeine Tablet and into the Hot Bath Water to 08:15 AM

My Brain and Thinking is coming out the Best:  From:  25% to 95% And my Thoughts at the Time amazes Me.

My Bodies Muscles:  Stamina: 5% to 30%  / Atrophy:  95% to 70% (Not wanting to exercise).

Any Pain & Aches:  No Pain, but about 10% to 15% Acing. A little bit Dizzy.

My Feelings & Mood:  Bad:  10%  /  Good:  10% = Making a Balance of: Neutral.

I Took my Blood Pressure Reading:

@ 08:50 AM  (From Right Arm)  111 / 78  / Pulse:  84  (I was surprised! I was expecting 160 / 105.)

Did it again:

@  08:55 AM  (From Left Arm)  113 / 75  / Pulse:  83 (Pretty Consistent. See no way of an error.)


After fighting with High Blood Pressure, It is now doing this Big Dropping on me. Maybe why I was wondering about my unusual Sleepy and Tiredness that it has been and is coming from. And even after the Caffeine, which is not normal.

{This was a Copy I want here as well}

Aberdeen, Washington? The Local Grocery Stores Not Having Chinese Hot Mustard

I thought Aberdeen, Washington ... To be a bit more civilized? Having in the Local Grocery Stores all and most Items that can be found All Over the World Internationally or by the Country?

This has been a Problem since I have now been living up here for 5 years by now and took the first several years to adapt to when I would try to search a bit harder. And this year I have been.  But have not found countless times now in my Local Grocery Stores and Walmart Stores for the: "Chinese Hot Mustard" and they Never have It!

I just finally went to and had to make a Mail Order for it.

It is always getting Strange, even though I am different from others in many ways and live a life of Antithesis. But most of my choices for what I want are hardly in and at the Market! In my neck of the Town, trying to be 5 miles in my range of service. It cost me $50.00 to go 50 miles and back = 100 miles round trip from Olympia, Washington for more International Stuff. So a mail order is $ 7.00 Dollars for it, but would be $50.00 for Gas and a long trip. A Mail order is still cheaper.

So I have to find myself going on-line to make me my mail orders for the odd stuff I really want.  Getting Ridiculous!  (   )
My mood: extremely bummed
My health: slightly well

What Do I Want From A Woman?

What do I want from a Woman?

She Looks Sexy.  But the World distorts the Meaning of it for me. What is Sexy?

Big Breast is ... { Not } { Not } { Not } ... Sexy to me. Small Breast is Sexy for Me.

A Women is: Athletic looking and thin. Yes! The World hates women more this way, because of the struggle to obtain it and the guys that seem to win getting such women on the competition of being High Status Elites in this World of getting a women by being more Elite with High Fortune in the World is more Deserving of Such. But the Best is always the worlds way of trying to get the best of any real good looking Lady at being obtaining to these other guys who come at a higher status in this world. It has become the bribery to being the Republican Right! Is another reason I hate the Republican Right and God.

This doesn't mean I like a woman or lady having all this "Makeup" on them. I Do like them better appearing Natural looking, but they can use some medications and skin creams that are necessary for some improvements, if that need be. Its not all Black and White Thinking here.  But a Balance. Sexy from a Women is their Feminine Quality to attract the opposite sex to them. I do not find myself attracted to Men (Even if that means Great Personality. What is the Difference is that of being Feminine and Not Masculine for wanting to be Intimate with.) ... When I am Heterosexual. I guess when Women don't have that kind of attraction for other women, then they do not empathize this quality of and in of the Humans. They can Empathize other qualities, but forget about women not having empathy that makes men attracted to them. They do not have this Solipsism.  Solipsism is the or Our way our own brain (Is) ... In how it makes us see the world from what we are only meant to see and understand without all the sensory glands and biology to be aware of all cravings and desires as each living thing gets a different sensory perception for Life. That is why I also used the World: "Solipsism" in my Name. My biology makes my sensory perception the way it is, because I am a Male Human and Not a Female Human for which we DO NOT see Eye to Eye on our Human ways of Sensory Perceptions with this Life. Same with the Weather. Many like it Clear and Sunny is not my Sensory Perception for Liking this kind of weather and for my make up to my Solipsism, but when I see Cloudy and Grey Days it makes me more alive, because I Like this Best. So my Solipsism is not like others. My likes and desires come from my own eyes of beholding and is in Antithesis to this popular mainstream that goes on to see Life differently than I do.

So it is my having this other kind of learning disability as Dyslexia and other mental struggles to comprehend and be on the same pace as others to making a higher quality of Life being rich and Fortune. I don't have a Mansion or a fancy Car and the Money. I am not the idea Man for a women this way. If I am not going with the popular mainstream, I also find it hard to have that kind of confidence that is also expected of me. How do I gain a confidence that goes in Antithesis with the World? (Its not that easy) It is not helping me out. And there is an Evil that has been trying to keep me from having that great beautiful woman we can encounter and find mutual. The rest of the world and Our Family backgrounds hates me bringing such a lady down to all these Antithesis of the popular mainstream of this world. So? That leaves me a Celibate Man. And another reason I can't believe in God. Is this idea I have to be Docile with the rest of this World and be going in its popular mainstream and competing for the Evil that this popular mainstream world is striving for. This is Not Me. The world is in a subtle way: Ostracizing me from the Best that I do Like.
My mood: extremely bummed
My health: slightly well

I'm Calling "Being Intimidated" This Force Of Evil

I'm calling "Being Intimidated" This Force Of Evil.

And Man! Is it doing so with (Me).

Even scary to Breath, let alone I am breathing the wrong kind of Air! And Offend someone!

And the way things are working in Resistance with me and keeping me from being fully functional.


But Evil is doing its thing and I am Not Happy about it!  (   )

Most People Can't Put The Dots Together RNC + 12/21/2012

I'm not into this Republican National Campaign Conference, but it is giving me the Vibes of what December 21, 2012 might have in Store.

Christianity it seems has been trying to look for it and to me it's here ...

The Anti-Christ! Or an Anti-Christ form of Cosmic Force of Evil Influences deluding the minds on this World.

I hope I am able to find anyone who is trying to be awake on this strange Force of Evil sweeping this Earth.  But to me! It is "Evil" and the Allies to me is appearing Forlorn to me at this moment as well.

Yes! "Evil"!  I'm not getting it? But everywhere I look, as if I was watching a horror SciFi, where this great delusion has taken the minds of everyone. The Media and the programmed courses of Humans as some controlled android zumbees  (Metaphor to "Oh Hail to Hitler!") If you get me?  Everyone conceding to the Force of Evil to sweep this World!

My Avatar is this as well permanently, because Evil will see if we will surrender to its influence and not stand up for justice! But be taken for the Worse! 

Just Follow Me On Twitter For Now

I have become Disappointed in this Site. I really can not follow Stories on this Site in the way the Administrators have made this Site as it is now.

I am on Twitter, but not much really seems to be happening there either.

You can find me as:  @MichaelGenePric   on Twitter.  There I just have my say when my thoughts come to me.

I am not really Happy in the State of the World Is. Most People to me have lost their Intelligence as to making Life Good. Lots of People have Intelligence, but this is the wrong kind. People are Intelligent as to how to make Life Evil. Not Good.

This is the Problem.  Intelligence isn't Speed, Fast, Big and Hot. Intelligence for me is knowing how to deal with taking Life Slowly, meticulously, understanding how Small things are Great and preserving Good things with a sense of Cold and Immortality to it.

I have a lot to do in my Life and am struggling to do the things I want to do. This World is not Helping me. But is becoming a Barrier to my trying to make Progress. It is very Frustrating that Life is Evil and giving me Barriers to making it go anywhere.

This Is A Sad Country If Many Don't Want Health Care For Everyone

Just because Obama is Black and a Democrat?  Just because Democrat's want Health Care for Everyone ...

The News makes it sound to me like a Bad Hurricane Is Pending when we attempt to get ... "Justice"!

Where in the Hell is most People?  Look at the Disasters going on ...  Health Care is going to be a necessity and people want Evil!

The Obama Health Care as long as it works for Us all!  Where is the Common Sense?

)  (  )  (  )  I try to not watch the News anyway.  I try to look for Science and Not Politics. It's just why I don't get into this Crap.  Actually is what I am saying.  All this Nonsense is not worth my getting into it all. And it gets hard for me to understand, because it is meant to Deceive.  It is meant to be all mixed up and senseless. And Fool the rest of the Crowd ...  (???)

People in most cases are Idiots! So is the News Media!
My mood: extremely angry
My health: slightly well

The Waldo Canyon Colorado Springs Fire Almost Got My Sister's Home

This End of June Week Saturday 23 to Wednesday 27, Year 2012.  The Waldo Canyon Colorado Springs Fire Almost got my Sister's Home.  She as a Family was living close by.  Was very scary at being close to my Family Member's.

And how the World is?  Playing ignorant about ancient places of Science.  I still think with other alternative views and meaning to things.  I think ... Thinking Apocalyptic is too much Black and White Thinking. And thinking nothing at all is also ... Black and White Thinking.  I think we should be Thinking in the Gray Area.  Cause I think there is meaning to the Mayan Calendar.  Just not Apocalyptic ... End of the World  or things just will Remain on Course. I don't think things will Remain On Course for the World Either.  What I think about as Wisdom.  Is to be aware of Cautions with our lives and not get so ambitious with Life's Entertainment Affair's in the indulgence of ignorance towards the Science's and Wisdom's of the Universe.  Were as?  Our Attitude will give us the Results from what our Attitude becomes. 

Anyway?  I got a sense of Earth's semi Apocalypse coming close to my Family member's. Kind of Scary! And my Health lately is getting to me. This is Scaring me also.  
My mood: extremely angry
My health: slightly well

Is The Democrats All Screwed Up? I Don't Understand This Health Care

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Preserving A Copy Of An Answer Of Mine "Religion"

I gave an Answer to a Question. But the Author could delete the Question or the Question could be very lost on site from Time and Deep into the Data base. And have my favorite thoughts on the Answer Lost. So I am making it a copy and Preserved here ...

"Since Ancient Man. Religion has been the origin of acting like Politics for humankind. When Culture's Rule like a Capitalist Hierarchy. Leader's need to intimidate lower class citizens for subjugating and manipulating control. They need to have others support the causes of the race and culture everyone is in. Without Heretics.

I think it is ironic that it is alright to Sin behind the scenes with these Religions, as long as it doesn't effect the race and culture. Which ... (Where in my mind ... ) ... The real Problem in all this is ... The Lack of Examination of our own Identity (And being who we are ... ), Honesty and looking to be the examples of right, rather than demanding it on others. Meaning not being Hypocrites. I do not like those Religions. Because that of Being myself with Honesty, Seeking my best intentions and trying to be an example for Peace, harmony and passionate about making things better. Honesty and Truth should be our real Virtue. Then meddling in others life's. And try to understand what is going on, like Science. Instead of having this force against it."



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